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Sarah Tubert & Carly Weyers, hosts of What the Deaf?! Podcast



Hi! My name is Sarah Tubert and I am a first generation American, with my dad immigrating to the United States from Argentina. When I was three, a surgeon severed my facial nerve paralyzing the right side of my face, and taking my hearing in an operation I did not need. I used to ask my mother, “Why am I the only one with a crooked smile and a hearing aid?” She would say, “I don’t know why, but this is your journey.  Let’s see what we can do with it.” That was the quote I lived by and it made me who I am today. I am the type of person who loves to show people that you can do anything you set your mind to. I am an actress, Captain of the USA National Deaf Women’s Volleyball team, a signer of songs, with my latest one being a collaboration with DisneyMusicVevo for the song “Show Yourself,” from Frozen II.  I am also a motivational speaker, with the dream to inspire people and show that everyone has a journey... let’s see what we can do with it!




My name is Carly Weyers! You pronounce it by breaking it down phonetically to (CAR) + (LEE). I hope I got this right because, yes, I am deaf. My whole family, except for my sister, is Deaf. Yep, so I googled how to pronounce my name because I would not know how to, but if you get to meet me in person, I can show you my name sign! I am part of the Deaf community, but there is no right way to be Deaf in this world or even to be “normal” in our society. This inspired me to want to make a difference in the world. In college, I chose Communication Studies and Sociology as my major because I wanted to work with people. It taught me how the social world works, and how to understand why people think and act the way they do. It opened my eyes to seeing the different connections between people’s personal life, community, and the world! There are so many layers to the Deaf community and I am excited to take the dive with our audience to discover how to make this world even more rich and colorful! Because what is life without a little color.




Jenny Corum, Voice of Carly Weyers, What the Deaf?! Podcast

Hi, my name is Jenny Corum! If you’ve listened to the What the Deaf?! podcast, you’ll recognize me as the voice of Carly Weyers! A little about me: I grew up in a Deaf family where everyone was Deaf, except me. Yep, you heard me correctly! Everyone. I am what the deaf community calls a CODA, Child of Deaf Adults! You might be thinking, “Woah! I wonder what that was like?!” And to answer your question, it wasn’t any different than how you grew up in your household. My parents primary language is American Sign Language, so that became my first language growing up, before I even knew how to talk. I am beyond blessed to be able to immerse myself in both worlds. I became a Sign Language Interpreter so I could give back to the Deaf community by helping break down communication barriers. I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful kids! 

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